Oli Le Lievre is the Founder of Humans of Agriculture, a storytelling platform that looks to connect, engage and inspire those within and towards agriculture. Since 2019, Oli has shared hundreds of stories through his weekly podcast, videos and written content.


Oli loves that he was a city kid that fell in love with farming, as a kid on his uncle’s farm it was probably the romanticised view but he still loves rolling his sleeves up when the opportunity arises.


With professional experience in a variety of roles in Australia and Canada, working up and down the supply chain. Including roles in Fresh Produce Export, Business Development Manager in an AgTech Start-up, Corporate Food & Agribusiness Advisory, and Brand and Marketing roles in a leading Agribusiness.


In mid-2022, Oli decided the time was right to pursue Humans of Agriculture fulltime. Humans of Agriculture is dedicated to understanding more about agriculture today, and through true collaboration how we can ensure a world that’s happier, healthier, and more prosperous for our children’s children.