Antonia is a French/Australian architect and illustrator based in Sydney. She combines directing the multidisciplinary design practice, Studio Fable, with illustrating, designing and making beautiful books, exploring all formats from experimental zines through to picture books.

Antonia Pesenti and Hilary Bell (who will be presenting together at the Festival) have been friends since they met in Paris in 1995. Antonia is an architect and illustrator, and Hilary is a playwright and lyricist. Their friendship turned into a collaboration when they created the bestselling Alphabetical Sydney. The book has inspired a museum exhibition, a musical, and many Book Week costumes. Hilary and Antonia continue to make books together that explore themes of place and belonging, with Numerical Street and most recently, Summer Time.

The duo will be running Primary school Creative Writing Workshops, as well as leading an interactive community storytelling afternoon on Sunday.