We’re partnering with Magpie Distilling to bring you a relaxing Sunday afternoon in conversation with Ryan Butta.  Gin in hand, enjoy the backdrop of the Liverpool Ranges, while hearing first hand, a story that resonates with so many of us.  Acclaimed author, Ryan Butta, took the plunge and quit his office job to pursue what we usually write off as an unobtainable dream.  A dream that privately we’ve probably all had versions of at one time or another – to throw off the shackles of nine to five and be the authors of our own stories.  With his third book well underway, Ryan has clearly turned that dream into reality and we’re about to find out how!

Does writing need to be a purely creative and flexible pursuit?  Or are discipline and timeframes as important a part of the journey as the stories themselves?  What drives him to write, and where does the inspiration come from to write about things that most of us have never considered?  We’re intrigued to hear Ryan’s insights into the writing journey, and its evolution from first time author looking to be published, to now.

Join us for an afternoon of lively conversation as we delve into the mysterious world of the published author! Ryan will share the ins and outs, the highs and lows and anything else you would like to know about the journey taken from forming the seed of an idea to having your work published. Writing and publishing books, blogs and everything in between will be open for conversation with this enthusiastic ambassador of the written word.


Tickets include two signature Magpie Distilling drinks, canapés and an afternoon of thought provoking insights in an intimate location.


Venue: 84a Glenalvon Rd, Murrurundi NSW 2338

When: Sunday, November 19, 2023, 3-5pm

Tickets: $40 for general entry or $30 for Friends of the Festival