Merri-May Gill shot out of the sheep yards and onto the stage. Who knew a country kid could turn out so glamorous! She travelled the world with her unique style of music -reaching moderate fame and becoming rich… in life experience.

Her eclectic songs are loosely tied together by the threat [sorry, that should have been: ‘thread’] of country living.

Merri-May is joined very earnestly by Janice – a Librarian’s assistant from the Moree Municipal Library – who is on what Janice thinks is the cultural enrichment work experience of a lifetime, but is more realistically a rouse-about for Merri-May.


No one knows what to really expect at a Merri-May Gill performance, not even she/her

You’ll find out though, if you attend the 2023 Festival Soiree on Saturday night!  Get your tickets