Daisy is the Director of Coeducation and the Academy at Cranbrook School. She is overseeing the transition to coeducation in 2026 and working across the junior and senior schools as part of this project.

Prior to starting at Cranbrook, Daisy was the Director of Wellbeing at St Catherine’s school, developing programmes covering mental health training, financial literacy, consent education, and leadership. She has taught across school systems including some time at a behavioural school.

Before going into teaching Daisy worked in interactive advertising as a producer and in strategy roles. She is an accredited Lifeline Crisis Support counsellor and regularly volunteers on the national crisis support line. Daisy holds a Combined Bachelors degree in Arts/Commerce, a Graduate Diploma of Secondary Teaching, and a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies.

In January 2021 Daisy’s first book ‘50 Risks to take with your kids’ was released, providing a guide on developing independence and resilience in young children. It is set to be translated into Chinese and Slovenian. Her second book ‘50 Questions to ask your teens’ was released in February 2022, covering topics from job interviews, to ethics, and pornography.


Daisy will be part of the SLF 2023 Panel, ‘Girls Boys and Everything in Between’